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Aan important lesson shared by Paul Harding

Has the question “what does it cost to fly 100 of your family and friends to Orlando or to book a one-way flight to Europe for your honeymoon” crossed your mind?  Admittedly, it has mine and then I’m reminded of the absolute irrelevance of the answer.  And therein lies an important lesson shared by Paul Harding, Managing Partner of Martin Harding & Mazzotti, LLP, to the seventy men who attended Adirondack CBMC on Thursday, June 20th.  Despite having the financial wherewithal to accomplish such feats, it could not and did not save a failing marriage.  A marriage marred by unintended negl

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Michael Bittel shares his life testimony

On Thursday, April 4, 2019, over 80 men gathered at The Queensbury Hotel to hear our very own Adirondack CBMC Executive Director, Michael Bittel, share his life testimony.  Michael shared from his heart how the Lord used Godly women in his life to ground him and point him to Christ on many occasions.  This was important to Michael as the lure and promise of earthly riches and material possessions caused him levels of distraction in life that would ultimately cost him his first marriage.  Life’s lessons are often the hardest and this loss was no exception.  God had a plan for Michael and His

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Join us for breakfast on April 4 with speaker Michael Bittel

Doors open at 7:00am for program registration. Registration ends and program begins promptly at 7:30am and ends by 8:30am.

Queensbury Hotel - 88 Ridge St, Glens Falls, NY 12801

Go to and search “Adirondack CBMC Breakfast”
$15 pre-registration or $20 at the door

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Approximately 70 men attended the Adirondack CBMC breakfast on January 16th at the exquisitely renovated Queensbury Hotel.

He laughed, he cried and the audience largely followed suit during a highly engaging and emotional testimony from Dan Yamin.  Dan, a big man with an even larger heart, shared his experiences of growing up in a family that demonstrated a certain level of normal, familial dysfunction and yet unique and difficult business failures centered on the greed and advantage taken by others who were trusted business partners.  And while Dan’s family was able to salvage their relationships following his parents conversion to Christianity, Dan in his business life relived some of the same agonizing betra

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